Plastic Ban: Eesha Rebba Vs KTR!

Sun Jun 24 2018 14:25:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Maharashtra joined the list of Indian States which banned plastic few days ago. Whereas, Telangana Government is yet to take any such decision.

Tollywood Actress Eesha Rebba expressed her disappointment over the negligence shown by TRS Government in this aspect. Tagging IT Minister KTR, She wrote: 'Which Indian states have banned plastic? As I see and follow our state is progressing in Many ways as no.1 but disappointment is we are no where in the list of banning Plastic. Please look into this for future of our people'.

Quickly, KTR replied to make Eesha Rebba realize that mere passage of legislation to ban plastic won't help. He stressed the need for some serious spade work, sensitizing officials, manufacturers and onboarding the civil society to enforce the legislation effectively.

Eesha Rebba thanked KTR for the quick response but refused to accept the explanation given by him. She suggested the Minister to make Telangana No.1 again by eradicating plastic completely. 'Make us proud to say we belong to Youngest state of India. Latest n updated version,' she reacted.