EC Declares Vishal Nomination Invalid!

Wed Dec 06 2017 09:36:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vishal Krishna, the actor of Sandakozhi aka Pandemkodi in Telugu, decided to contest in the RK Nagar bi-election and he filed his nomination as an independent contestant in the election on Monday. His nomination has been rejected on Tuesday and the actor did put up a Hi-Drama by protesting the decision and said, he would be going to court if EC doesn't consider his nomination again.

Election Commission unable to handle the huge agitation and mob with Vishal, who sat outside the office, decided to get him arrested. The actor came back after being released from police station and continued his agitation. EC announced that they will re-consider his nomination and the actor left the place thinking his nomination is accepted.

But later, returning officer announced that his nomination is invalid as he only had 8 valid signature from proposers and he needs 10 in total. He released a video claiming that two of his proposers were black mailed to do so. EC did not consider his plea and decide to declare it is invalid. Vishal decided to react to this move on social media like this. He tweeted,
5th Dec 2016, #Amma died,
5th Dec, 2017, #Democracy died...


Now, if Vishal decides to go to court or will he just take this matter as an act against him and build on this momentum to join full-time politics, we have to wait and see.