Loophole in Aarushi Talwar Murder Case

Fri Oct 13 2017 12:43:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

AP Singh, who was the Director of CBI until 2012, has handled the sensational murder case of Aarushi Talwar and Domestic Help Hemraj. In it's final report submitted to the court, CBI suspected Rajesh Talwar might have killed his 13-Year-Old Daughter but it wasn't able to collect any evidence to prove the charges and wanted the case to be closed.

After Allahabad High Court acquitted Rajesh Talwar and his wife Nupur Talwar in the murder case, AP Singh maintained: 'Court hasn't said the Dentist Couple are innocent, it had just given them the benefit of doubt'.

Mr.Singh says the biggest loophole in the case was that Hemraj's blood wasn't found in the room where Aarushi was murdered. He suspects Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar might have cleaned the room after the crime. 'Why would any other Murderer (outsider) would clean the spot where the crime was committed? This is the factor which leads to the conclusion that Talwars were involved,' he opined.

While delivering the judgement, High Court stated that Trial Court Judge acted like a Math Teacher and Film Director while delivering the judgement. 'CBI failed to prove the charges against Talwars. Suspicion can't be treated as Proof. We adopt a view favorable to Talwars,' said the High Court Bench.