A Sensational Fact Behind Jaya Illness

Wed Dec 13 2017 10:53:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Everybody knows the developments surrounding the illness.. subsequent admission into the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai and the death of former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Late. Jayalalithaa who is fondly referred as 'Amma' by the Tamilians.  Many people expressed their doubts over the death of Amma and they still feel that there is some mystery surrounding her death.  Considering the situation an enquiry commission has been set up to look into these issues.

In a recent development, a sensation truth was revealed during the commission's enquiry.   Acupuncture specialist Dr. MN Shankar revealed that when Amma was admitted into the Apollo, Amma was suffering from serious illness and she was given a high dose of steroids.  While answering the questions of the commission, Shankar revealed this sensational truth.

He said that Amma was given treatment in Vedanilayam, Poes Garden before admitting into Apollo.  Sankar who has given acupuncture treatment to Amma earlier said that "When Amma fell ill on September 22, first aid was given to her.  Then we observed that a high dose of steroids was used."  

Even common people know that unnecessary usage of steroids will have side effects, how come they suggest a high dose of steroids to Jaya who was the Chief Minister?  Who suggested those steroids? These are the questions to be answered now.  There is a widespread opinion in the political circles that the enquiry will surely bring out sensational facts before the people in the near future.