Fake Views - Just Pay 18 Paise Per Click!

Tue Jun 12 2018 18:29:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

Fans proudly claim 'Millions' of views generated by the Teasers & Trailers of films starring their Favourite Stars. The views of Youtube videos is nothing but business in a lot a cases. Those who could spend a good amount of money can attain million-mark for their videos in a flash.

Earlier, 65 Paise used to be charged for every click. But now, The value of a click has fallen drastically and even a million views isn't a big deal. Only 18 Paise per Click has been charged at present. This is actually a good news for those Heroes and Filmmakers who wish to project fake views as real calibre.

A recent audit done by Twitter has confirmed Shahrukh Khan isn't the most followed Bollywood celebrity though he have more followers than  other Actor. Upon analyzing the number of genuine and fake followers, Amitabh Bachchan emerged as NO.1 beating King Khan convincingly. Even Youtube Views are no different. You never know how many of them are real or fake!