It's All In The Family!!

Sat Sep 08 2018 09:50:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

This is a malady that does not exist anywhere else in the world. Elsewhere in the world, if the father is a politico, his son may not be a politician. In India, dynasty politics are a scourge. Every politician tries to make his sons, daughters and even daughters in law MPs, MLAs and ministers. There is no need for qualifications, talent or experience. If you are a son of a top politician, you too can become a politician.

The problem started with Nehru, who ensured his daughter Indira Gandhi became a politician. Indira Gandhi made her two sons -  Sanjay and Rajiv - politician. Rajiv's wife, son are politicians.  Not just Congress, other parties too shamelessly follow dynastic politics. Mulayam Singh's son is a CM. Mulayam's brother, nephew, daughter in law are in politics. Laloo made his wife Rabri a CM. Now, his two sons are being promoted.  Karunanidhi's family pack had sons , daughters, nephews and many others.

Even in AP, Chandrababu's son Lokesh is a politico. Everyone knows his intellectual levels and capabilities. Yet, Lokesh is being pushed. KCR too has his son, daughter, nephew, step son and several other relatives in politics. Some BJP leaders like Yeddyurappa and Rajnath Singh are promoting their children in politics.

Only one who came up on his own is YS Jagan. He had formed his own party and grew into a leader due to his own efforts.  Though his father was a CM, Jagan grew on his own and worked to strengthen the YSRCP.