First Flaw of TDP Govt exposed by JFC

Sat Feb 17 2018 22:48:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ahead of the Day 2 meeting of Joint Fact Finding Committee (JFC), Jana Sena Party's Post on Twitter went viral. AP Government sanctioned hundreds of acres for private institutions in Amaravati. Whereas, No such thing happened in the case of prestigious IIM in Visakha. IIM continues to function from the premises of Andhra University. Why is it so?

Netizens opined what JFC found out so far is just a beginning and many more facts will be out by the end of the whole exercise. Most of them expressed the view that Babu Government always favours corporates.

Usually, Pro-TDP environment can be observed on Social Media. In this case, There is tremendous reaction for the single tweet of Jana Sena. The power punch received numerous retweets and likes so far. HRD Minister Ganta Srinivas Rao is now answerable to the people.

A serious discussion took place on financial matters and institutions on the 2nd Day of JFC Meeting. Members opined the information shared by AP Government to Jana Sena is incomplete.