First South Indian National Channel - "TV9 Bharat Varsha"!

Sun Feb 17 2019 14:48:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

There are many social media trolls about TV9 reports as TRP 9 and even the channel has been guilty of showing extra enthusiasm for TRP exclusives and breaking news hungry debates.

They took inspiration from Fox News sensationalism and added drops of CNN kind of debate oriented news presentation that became new brand of infotainment for Telugu audiences.

This made TV9 expand and emerge as one of the top regional channels in News channels. Slowly it expanded operations in six languages and became No. 1.

Now, it is able to launch a National News channel, TV9 Bharat Varsha and it will operate from New Delhi. Even Sun Network which is said to be the biggest in India after STAR and Zee TV, could accomplish such a feet.

As they say, we should give credit where it is due, as a Telugu based website with news affiliation, we are happy with TV 9 success that started as another regional channel.

 It is going start trasmission of TV9 Bharat Varsha from next Month and we wish the team all the success and better journalism values!