For Singapore Type Capital, We Need Singapore Type Government - PSPK

Wed Mar 14 2018 22:19:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan today, at his Janasena Mahasabha, first anniversary meeting (conducted after completing 4 years of inauguration), of the party,  looked like he had finally opened his eyes to Nara Chandrababu Naidu's bad decision making and wrong leadership.

In his one hour 45 minutes speech, he expressed his disgust on how corruption has become the second word for TDP Goverment.

He also questioned, "Sir Nara Chandrababu Naidu garu, do you know about your son Lokesh's corruption in the state at least?"

He later said, "I can't sit on sidelines and watch anymore. For four years, I waited if you people are going to open your eyes to the problems and I have been knocking on the door all the time, when problems came to my notice. Still the solutions are very half-hearted."

He continued, "I am asking the government, when you asked my support, did you not say, YSRCP is a corrupted party and your government is the need of the hour? Then, this much of corruption is still prevailing?"

He then dropped a satire on CBN's Singapore sentiment too. He said, "Singapore Goverment is known for bringing an unity in their people but here politicians are further dividing them. For building a capital like Singapore we need Singapore kind of corruption devoid Goverment not a corrupted one like this."

Well, the actor and now, Janasena president seemed to be his regular angry and emotional self. He announced that Janasena is ready to fight in elections and he will release Manifesto on 14 and 15th August.

He even announced that he is ready to go on 'Fast till Death' for bringing Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. Anyways, he finally opened his eyes to what Jagan has been saying for months now.