Gaddar To Contest 2019 Elections

Mon Jul 16 2018 14:58:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Political developments in Telangana has been changing rapidly with elections scheduled to happen in the next 10 months. When Ruling and Opposition Parties have been preparing their arsenal to have an upper hand over each other, Gaddar made a sensational announcement.

The Revolutionary Telugu Balladeer attended the meeting of Bahujan Left Front organized by Left Parties. This is when he expressed his desire to move into active politics to get hold of power. 'I don't have a Voter ID so far. But now, I wish to have one,' he said.  

Gaddar gave a call for Communists to unite for a better society. He accused BJP of betraying people by claiming it is implementing the vision of Ambedkar.

On the other hand, CPM National Chief Secretary Sitharam Yechuri predicted formation Bahujan Left Front Government in Telangana soon. He feared Social Justice would remain as a slogan if the country doesn't head towards change.