Superstar's Brother fires on Chandrababu

Wed Nov 22 2017 20:50:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

During the press conference in Vijayawada, YSR Congress Leader & Superstar Krishna's brother Adiseshagiri Rao alleged TDP Government failed completely in addressing the problems of the people. He accused CM Chandrababu Naidu of focusing only on event management. 'Krishna & Godavari deltas have dried up but Government isn't bothered about it. Ruling Party Leaders keep on alleging Opposition became an obstacle for development of the state. TDP & BJP have been making allegations against each other despite being alliance partners. Babu claimed credit when Modi announced demonetisation. But now, He is throwing the blame on BJP. Why there is delay in the appointment of AP DGP?,' he asked.

Adiseshagiri Rao blamed TDP for the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. He  opined United AP wouldn't have been divided into two had if TDP refrained from offering letter recommending Telangana statehood.

The YCP Political Affairs Committee Member questioned, 'Why Arogya Shri doesn't apply for Andhrites undergoing treatment in Hyderabad Hospitals when the region remains joint capital for 10 years?'.