PK's Feats Are Like A Comedy Episode: Mahesh's Uncle

Tue Jan 23 2018 20:56:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ghattamaneni Adiseshagiri Rao made sensational comments on Jana Sena Chief during an interview to a media house. 'Statements of Pawan Kalyan are meaningless. Just alike stage plays, He makes public appearances once in few months to speak as per Chandrababu's direction. Has PK responded on issues in AP at the right time? Jana Sena is a mouthpiece of TDP. PK's political feats are like a comedy episode,' he opined.

When quizzed to whom does Mahesh extend support in next election, Mr.Rao clarified Prince doesn't back any political party and everyone treats him as their own family member. 'I myself would ask him not to do so if he comes forward to support any Party,' he added.

The YCP Leader told 'Krishna Sena' was formed in 1984. He then revealed, 'While Krishna was returning after attending a public meeting in Nandyal in 1984, Stones were pelted on him from atop of TDP Office. He came back to Hyderabad after undergoing surgery for his injured eye. Krishna Sena was born after this incident. This organization with 3 lakh members is always against TDP. After Mahesh achieved stardom, It became 'Krishna - Mahesh Sena'. I am the honorary president of it since its formation'.