Google Employees Letter - What's In It?

Sat Aug 18 2018 14:28:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Google Employees Letter - What's In It?

As many as 1,400 employees signed a protest letter questioning their own company over censor-friendly search engine in China.

According to a report, Google is now building a search engine secretly to filter content banned in China to comply with it's tough censorship rules. Code Name of this project is said to be 'Dragonfly'.

It is known that Censorship and Hacking promoted Google to withdraw its search engine from China eight years ago.

Google Employees are worried because they doubt if they were unknowing working on technology which helps Chine hide information from its people. In the letter, They sought the need for maintaining transparency in such matters. 'We need to known what we are building,' says Google Employees.

CEO Sundar Pichai assured Google is committed to transparency. He told the company isn't anywhere close to launching a search engine in China as of now but doesn't rule out exploring various options for business expansion.