Babu Meeting With Modi, Governor's Crucial Decision

Fri Jan 12 2018 15:20:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

The governor of two Telugu states has taken a crucial decision.   Conversion of Land for Non-Agricultural purpose Act Amendment Bill-2017(NALA) of AP government has been approved by governor ESL Narasimhan.  The scuffle between AP Government and the Governor witnessed a positive end.  It is interesting to note that the bill has been approved by the governor before AP CM Chandrababu Naidu meeting with PM Narendra Modi.

When AP government has sent the NALA bill to the Governor, he has sent back the bill saying that his suggestions have not been taken into consideration.  It is notable that they are about the rights of farmers and landowners.  CM Chandrababu Naidu asked the chief secretary of Revenue Department Manmohan to have a look at the suggestions and take appropriate measures.  The revenue department has immediately sent clarifications to the governor.  Satisfied with the clarifications, the governor immediately passed the Bill.  

It is known that this development has grabbed the new headlines of Telugu stats.  Even though AP Government has prepared the bills based on the Telangana government's bills passed by the governor,  he has sent back the AP government's bills and it has attracted a huge controversy.  BJP leaders started demanding that The Governor is showing partiality towards Telangana government and he didn't stay at least ten days in the AP State so he should be removed as the governor.  

BJP leader in the AP legislative assembly Vishnu Kumar Raju demanded that Narasimhan should be removed from the post of Governor showing his partial attitude on NALA bill.  The BJP leader gave a call that all the MPs should pressurise the central government to change the governor.   As the issue is taking a serious turn, Narasimhan approved the NALA bill on Thursday.