Hardik Patel's Sex CD goes viral

Tue Nov 14 2017 14:28:41 GMT+0530 (IST)

Two Video Clips of Hardik Patel who is fighting for Patidar Reservation showing him in a compromising position with a Woman went viral on social media. 10 Days Ago, Hardik himself predicted that a fake Sex CD will be used by his political rivals to defame him.

These Videos were believed to be recorded on May 16th this year. Nobody knows if the Male appearing in the video is Hardik Patel or his lookalike.

Hardik Patel termed the video clips as a part of BJP's dirty politics. He alleges the morphed Sex Clips were created by BJP to malign his image. 'Crores have been spent to defame Me. I will soon come up with the CDs of BJP Leaders,' told the Patidar Leader.

Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya said BJP has no connection whatsoever with the leaked Sex Videos. He opined Hardik Patel should have lodge a police complaint instead of blaming BJP.