Telangana Lost 1 Crore Per Day Due To CBN

Tue Oct 09 2018 20:45:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Minister T Harish Rao opined Mahakutami will only hamper the progress of Telangana. 'Chandrababu Naidu is still Andhra Babu. TRS formed an alliance with TDP in 2009 only after it offered a letter to Centre favouring Statehood. We formed alliance with Congress because of the same reason. TRS ended the alliance as these parties hasn't fulfilled their promises,' he said.

Harish Rao accused Chandrababu Naidu of trying to stall Telangana Statehood till the very end. He questioned, 'Are there any conditions behind parties joining Mahakutami? Whether TDP Politburo pass any resolution saying it would favour the Telangana Government? Naidu is acting against Telangana when it comes to Polavaram, Water Sharing, High Court division and Assets sharing. PM himself confirmed it. He merged 7 mandals of Telangana with AP blackmailing Centre. Did Babu promise to Uttam that he would return those 7 mandals? Khammam Congress leader Sudhakar Reddy filed a case in Supreme Court against Polavaram. What is the stand of CBN on it? Will he change the design of Polavaram?'.

The Minister made it clear Chandrababu Naidu have no right to speak about Telugu Jathi. He accused TDP Government of snatching Rs 5000 crore worth Sileru Hyder Power Plant from Telangana resulting in a loss of Rs 1 crore per day. 'Did Chandrababu Naidu promised to T-Congress that he would give back this 460MW project which wasn't part of AP Reorganisation Act 2014?,' he asked.