Here Are Proofs of TDP-Jana Sena Alliance

Tue Mar 19 2019 11:17:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

The YSRCP has all along alleged that the Jana Sena was the B Team of the ruling TDP and that they are hand-in-glove in this elections. This is coming out to be true as Chandrababu is working overtime to ensure that there are weak candidates opposite key Jana Sena leaders. As a quid pro quo, the Jana Sena will put up candidates in as many constituencies as possible to ensure that the anti-Chandrababu Naidu votes are split to ensure YSRCP defeat.

In Narsapur, Mega brother Nagababu is set to contest on Jana Sena ticket. To ensure that he has it easy, the TDP has asked its strong candidate with local roots, Chaitanya Raju to make way for him. Chaitanya Raju was given an assurance that he would be fielded from Narsapur. Now, he has been asked to step aside and Undi MLA Siva has been brought in. Siva, as everyone knows, is a dummy candidate and will put up only a nominal fight thus facilitating Nagababu's victory.

Chandrababu tried the same trick in Guntur and Tenali also. Jana Sena's key leader Nadendla Manohar will contest from Tenali. To ensure that he wins the seat, Chandrababu tried to force sitting TDP MLA Alapati Babu to contest for the MP seat. Similarly,  in Guntur, Maddala Giri was asked to make way for Jana Sena's Thota Chandrasekhar. So he rebelled. In case of Narsapur MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao was also asked to make way for Jana Sena. Rayapati rebelled and reportedly threatened Chandrababu that he would made public the corruption in Polavaram. A shaken Chandrababu had to back off. Similarly, to facilitate Lokesh's victory in Mangalagiri, the Jana Sena gave the ticket to CPM. Similarly, Pawan's best buddy Bonda Uma has no competition from Jana Sena. All these point out to a secret pact between the two parties.