Neither Guns nor Bombs but Laptops scare US

Wed May 17 2017 14:31:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the WannaCry Ransomware virus attack, US is scared of laptops more than anything else. Trump Administration has imposed a ban on laptops, tablets and other advanced gadgets now.

Homeland Security Department issued clear instructions to Airport Security Staff not to allow people coming from European Countries to carry computers or tablets with them. In Summer, Around 3,250 flights from EU land in US. US Government fears the virus-affected gadgets will lead to a biggest disaster.

In March 2016, US imposed gadget ban on passengers arriving from 10 Airports. This time, The ban has been applied to all over Europe.

US Security Agencies doesn't rule out the possibility of battery explosions due to the cyber attacks. They suspect terrorist organizations like Islamic State could use such strategies for large-scale attacks.