Cyclone Idai: 90% City Submerged, 1000 Feared Dead!

Tue Mar 19 2019 19:36:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Cyclone Idai could be one of the worst natural disasters ever in the history. The devastation is so worse that 90 percent of the Mozambique City of Beira in Zimbabwe has been destroyed. Over 5 lakh people are feared to have been in a dangerous situation due to the calamity. All the communication lines in Mozambique City were destroyed and there was no power.

Experts termed Cyclone Idai as Category 2 Storm with winds at a speed of 110 mph on Thursday midnight. It's the deadliest tropical cyclone to hit the southern Africa. Although the cyclone hit on Thursday itself, Poor Infrastructure in Zimbabwe has only increased the damage by multifold. The world came to know about the enormous devastation only after several days.

For now, The official death toll crossed few hundreds and not less than 1,000 people could have been killed. Watching hundreds of bodies floating in the water after two villages were entirely destroyed is really heart-wrenching.

People of Beira have no place to stay with entire city getting submerged. Survivors are in a very bad condition due to lack of proper food and medical assistance.