King In Hung: Do You Know Who Is KA Governor?

Wed May 16 2018 11:05:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whenever Congress is in power, the party seniors will become the governors of states.  Now the BJP is in power, senior BJP leaders are governors.  Do you know who is Vajubhai Vala, the present governor of Karnataka? He is a Gujarati.. he is very close to Amit Shah, Narendra Modi.  He is a Hindu nationalist who worked in RSS earlier.   As Karnataka people gave their verdict as a hung assembly, there is confusion on whom should be given the power? It is a million dollar question whether Vajubhai will give the chance to Congress-JD(S) to form the government by ignoring BJP?

Congress has made a setup of appointing their party leaders as the state governors so that they can come to power in the states when they are ruling at the center.  BJP is sincerely following their strategy now.   As Vajubhai Vala worked with Modi and Amit Shah earlier, he will either have loyalty or fear towards them.  Vajubhai has vast experience.  He has fought during the emergency period on behalf of BJP.  He served as the speaker of Gujarat between 2012-2014.   He was appointed by the Modi as the Governor of Karnataka.  The ball is in Vajubahi Vala court now.

We all know that BJP fell short of the magic figure to form the government in Karnataka on its own.  Congress and JD(S) joined hands together to form the government.  As Vajubhai Vala was a BJP leader earlier, it is interesting to see how he takes the next step.   It is interesting to see whether he will invite BJP for the government formation or the Congress-JD(S) alliance who has the magic figure to form the government.  Considering the political developments in the other states and Governor's BJP affiliation in the past, analysts are predicting that Karnataka will go to BJP hands.  But we have to wait for some more time.