Find Beggars in Hyd - Accept Rs 500 Reward!

Tue Nov 14 2017 12:55:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

What would anybody do when they spot a Beggar? Either you would donate something or mind your own business. But now, You could earn a reward of Rs 500 if you find any beggar in Hyderabad.

Upon spotting any beggars, People can dial to the control room of Jail Department and pass the information. If the details offered were true, Informers will be paid Rs 500.

TRS Government decided to make Hyderabad beggars free city ahead of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. So far, 235 Male Beggars and 125 Female Beggars have been taken into custody. Apart from offering counselling, Aadhaar Numbers and Fingerprints were collected from them. Some of them have been shifted to Orphanages. Close to 250 people have been handed over to their family members so far.

Even Training is being provided to few Beggars who were talented, so that they could earn a livelihood. Few of them managed to get jobs in petrol pumps.