A Phone Call Could Ruin Your Right-To-Vote?

Tue Oct 09 2018 15:37:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Main Opposition YCP highlighted that names of around 30 lakh voters in Andhra Pradesh have been scrapped from the Voter List. Few weeks ago, Pawan Kalyan complained 19 lakh out of 21 lakh names removed from the voter list are Jana Sena Supporters. Both the Opposition Parties accused TDP Government of resorting to such activities to win the 2019 Elections at any cost.

Former Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao's Shocking Revelation left the people of Andhra Pradesh stunned. They now fear that replying negatively to the surveys conducted by the Government-sponsored Agencies could prove costly.

In his Tweet, IYR explained: 'You will receive a phone call from Chief Minister to enquire about the satisfactory levels over the administration. If anybody says they aren't happy with the State Government, Immediately the phone call will be cut abruptly. Better if you check whether or not, Your Name still exists in the Voter List'.

It's up to the TDP Government to explain if the allegations are true or false. Hope, CM responds before the news reaches majority of the voters.