Imran Khan Has 5 Children Outside Marriage

Thu Jul 12 2018 22:46:11 GMT+0530 (IST)

Imran Khan's Former Wife Reham Khan wrote about the illegitimate children of the Ex-Pakistan Cricket Skipper in her new book 'Reham Khan'. She disclosed Imran Khan has as many as five Illegitimate Children, including Indians.

Reham Khan claimed she came to know about Imran Khan's kids after their marriage in 2015. The eldest among them was 34 by then.

In the conversation with Reham Khan, Imran Khan admitted he had an affair with a woman who is married but couldn't get pregnant. The woman was overjoyed when he had affair with her and promised to keep it as a secret.

Imran Khan told other Women never spoke about the affair as they don't want their marriages to be destroyed.

Reham Khan complained she received death threats after mentioning shocking facts about Imran Khan in her book. Imran Khan's Party Tehreek-e-Insaf is likely to form the next government in Pakistan.