TDP...It's Only A Trailer...Picture Abhi Baaki hain!!

Mon Oct 15 2018 20:56:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Are the IT raids on the TDP leaders just the trailer and that the actual film is just about to begin? Indications are that this is what Delhi is planning. They say that's Modi-Shah style. They decimate their opponents. They floor  them and then then they swat them. When they could be brutal towards Advani and Venkaiah, can they be merciful towards Chandrababu Naidu.

After all, Chandrababu annoyed Modi to no end. He made a big issue out of nothing, raked up the special status issue after agreeing for special package, tried to put the Centre on the mat saying it had nto fulfilled any promise and then more importantly, Called Modi a junior leader compared to him. All this will surely not go unnoticed.

The result? The spate of the IT raids that shook the TDP moneybags to the core. Though they are trying to put on a brave front, they are deeply worried. Now, if the buzz we are hearing is right, then the Centre will now try to expose the TDP misdeeds, irregularities and fund diversion in Capital area projects, land acquisition, Polavaram projects, Amaravati bonds and even loan waivers.  Already former MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar has collected some strong evidence of corruption in this scam . The center is also set to expose how Chandrababu Naidu is merely changing the name of the scheme to claim ownership. The Centre is also planning to unleash Central investigative agencies against Chandrababu and thoroughly expose him.  When all these get exposed , Chandrababu would surely be in soup.