IT Raids remind Rajamouli & Shankar's Movie

Mon Nov 13 2017 12:30:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Expelled AIADMK Deputy General Secretary said Income Tax raids with 1,800 officials reminded him of films of SS Rajamouli and Shankar. He asked why IT Sleuths have targeted his relatives and associates.

Dhinakaran questioned, 'Searches were held at 190 locations for 3 days. It sounds like a grand scale movie of Rajamouli and Shankar. Why the properties of those Leaders who have been ministers for 15 years weren't raided? Why those who made Sekhar Reddy a big contractor have been spared? Why the houses of those whose names appeared in Sekhar Reddy's diary weren't searched?'.

Sasikala's Nephew refused to confirm that the cash and gold seized during the raids come under black money. He told investigation will reveal the facts.

Responding to the question asked by his political opponents, 'Whether he is Gandhi's Grandson?', Dhinakaran said he isn't speaking like a grandson of Gandhi but as an average person. He further added, 'I have no idea if the people who make allegations against me are grandsons and granddaughters of Gandhi'.