India - Mature Power, China - Adolscent: US

Sat Aug 12 2017 22:17:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

American Defence Expert lauded the stand taken by India against China in the Doklam Standoff issue. This is for the first time representatives of US responded on the 2-months-old land dispute.

US Naval War College Professor James R Holmes opined India has done things right so far, neither it backed away from the dispute nor replied in a kind manner to China's over-the-top rhetoric. He said India is behaving like a mature power and making China look like an adolescent throwing a temper tantrum.

Mr.James found the China's refusal for dialogue over the boundary dispute with it's neighbour weird. He termed confronting India in the Himalayas isn't a rational course of action.

When asked why US remained silent over the issue thus far, The Professor opined Trump Administration have too many other things to bother and even India mayn't want the involvement of the Super Power as of now. He, however, doesn't rule out US backing Indian if the dispute gets worse.