Indian-origin CEO gets 1 Month jail for abusing Wife

Thu Apr 20 2017 17:23:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

An Indian-origin CEO is likely to serve one month jail term for allegedly assaulting his Wife. Abhishek Gattani, who is the CEO of Silicon Valley Start-Up, was accused of Domestic Violence. His Wife Neha Rastogi (36), an Apple Employee, alleges her husband has been abusing her ever since they got married a decade ago. She even recorded a video of the assault using her iPhone and Abhishek was seen thrashing her in the presence of their 2-Year-Old Daughter.

Initially, Abhishek Gattani was charged with felony assault but it's been reduced to felony accessory after Neha, who is still trying to make her marriage work then, requested Judge as it would end his career in USA and forced to return to India.

Abhishek Gattani was offered a plea deal in a California Court recently. This development helps him limit the jail term to one month or even less than that.

Neha Rastogi didn't object to plea deal. She, however, couldn't tolerate offensive touching of her hubby any more and even called it terrorism. She is seeking divorce from Abhishek Gattani after realizing it's not gonna work any more.