Indian Priest stabbed in Australia

Mon Mar 20 2017 12:37:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Looks like, The racist attacks against Indian in Australia has begun yet again.  An Indian Priest has been attacked by a White Man at Fawkner North in Melbourne.

Tomy Kalathoor, a priest who hails from Kozhikode in Kerala, was stabbed on the neck before the Holy Mass on Sunday. The assailant asked Tomy whether he was an Indian Hindu Priest before attacking him.

Actually, The Attacker told Tomy Kalathoor that he wishes to speak something in private with him. Then, The Priest told him that he could only speak to him after the Holy Mass. Immediately, The Assailant pulled out a knife and stabbed him on his neck before he fled from the spot. Luckily, Priest worn thick clothes on Sunday to protect himself from cold and hence the impact wasn't too severe.