Internet ruins Sleep by 100 Minutes per Day

Sat Mar 18 2017 15:05:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

A new study revealed that being active on Internet has been ruining sleep by almost 100 minutes on daily basis. This is seen as a side effect frequently using Apps such as WhatsApp (58.5%) and Facebook (32.6%). 45.3% people have been using Gmail quite often.

As per the Study conducted in 2016, People who use Internet extensively wake up 90 minutes later. The quality of the sleep is just above average. Common aspect noticed here is people checking their gadgets at least 4 times after going to bed.

A 2015 Study disclosed that most of heart attacks among Younger Generation is due to lack of proper sleep. Not just Adults, even Children are affected by sleep disorders.

Experts caution lack of proper sleep and sleep disorders could lead to heart attack and anxiety issues. They suggest people to turn off their devices once they near bedtime.