Is BJP Ready For A Reddy CM?

Thu Jun 13 2019 20:54:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is the Reddy community, which has been the bulwark of the Congress Party till now, looking towards the BJP? Are the key Reddy leaders seeking some key assurances from BJP top brass to join the party? If that happens, what will be the future of the Congress in Telangana? Will it sink in Telangana the way it sank in Andhra Pradesh?

These questions are being debated hotly in the political circles these days. BJP top honcho Ram Madhav has met Congress MPs Revanth Reddy and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy. Ram Madhav reportedly gave them some key assurances on behalf of the BJP.

With the Congress graph plummeting faster than a skylab, the fortunes of the BJP are on the upswing. Several Congress leaders are looking towards the BJP as it is in power in the Centre. So, for politicians eyeing the 2024 elections, the BJP is the best bet. These leaders feel that they can taste power by aligning with the BJP. Already, the Reddy community is looking for the right party and that right party would be the BJP. Reddy biggies like DK Aruna have already joined the BJP. Both Revanth and Komatireddy are good friends and have been helping each other for quite some time. When all other Congress leaders have tried to pin down Revanth, Komatireddy had invited him to address a public meeting in Nalgonda. Thus if these leaders join the BJP, then the party would become very strong and this would make more Reddys to flock to the party.