Is Babu Preparing Ground For Defeat?

Sun Apr 14 2019 17:25:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Elections were completed in Andhra Pradesh and the result is preserved in the EVMs. Any experienced Leader would wait till the counting day to know about the people's mandate and then reacts accordingly. Surprisingly, TDP Supremo kept making damaging comments on the Election Commission since the polling day.

Chandrababu Naidu didn't hesitate to declare EC failed completely in conducting a free & fair election. Why is he in a hurry to pass such a judgement? Is he so sure about the defeat of the TDP & preparing the ground for it? While Jaganmohan Reddy remained calm, Chandrababu Naidu looked frustrated from the time there were indications of high voting percentage in the state.

Political Opponents might say TDP Supremo has been making unnecessary hungama. But, Naidu isn't someone who would do anything without a specific strategy. If TDP retains power, He claims to have won with people's acceptance inspite of the conspiracies to defeat him. If YCP wins the election, Babu would say his accusations has come true. Are people ready to believe if TDP says EVMs defeated it?