Is PK Helping Lokesh Win In Mangalagiri?

Mon Mar 18 2019 15:34:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

At the time when there is strong buzz that Jana Sena is acting like a B-Team of TDP, A Decision taken by Pawan Kalyan made public take the speculations seriously. What is it all about?

Jana Sena decided not to contest in Mangalagiri from where Nara Lokesh is testing his luck in the upcoming Assembly Polls. Instead, Mangalagiri Seat was offered to CPI as part of the alliance. Is this an attempt to make it a safe bet for Nara Lokesh?

Had if Jana Sena fielded a candidate here, There could be every possibility for a triangular fight. Unfortunately, Pawan Kalyan decided to make it a battle between TDP's Nara Lokesh and YCP's Alla Ramakrishna Reddy. Was he of the impression that Lokesh will have a cake walk irrespective of the Opposition because of the CM's Son image?

How could Pawan ignore the fact that PRP Candidate emerged 2nd in 2009 Polls though Congress had the last laugh? It's high time Jana Sena Chief realizes that neglecting a crucial constituency in AP Capital would hurt him at some point.