Is Pawan Suffering From Jagan Phobia

Wed Dec 06 2017 18:46:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

There is no need to doubt the sincerity of Pawan Kalyan.  But at the same time, Pawan's statements are strange while covering his limitations in the politics.  He acts like a seasonal politician and comes out whenever he wishes to come out.  Nobody is saying that a politician should be active in politics and speak about issues every morning and evening.. but he should have some continuity.

The trouble comes with the Pawan exactly at this point.. he acts like 'I will say whatever I want to say... and whenever I like it'.  One can't ignore this.  Pawan comes before the media whenever he finds the time and talks about politics.. in between he talks about AP Opposition leader Jagan indirectly giving a feeling that it is unintentional.

Pawan says that he doesn't fear anybody.. but his statements regarding Jagan are grabbing the attention.   Pawan says that he will be impartial and he will question anyone who does wrong.   But Pawan appears to be partial towards pointing out the mistakes of AP leadership.   Pawan never talked about the increased corruption, increased credit burden of AP in the four-year rule of Chandrababu Naidu.  But he talks about Jagan indirectly in his every speech.

In a fresh example, Pawan has spoken about Dredging Corporation of India privatisation issue and he brought Jagan into the topic even though it is not necessary.  There is no need to specially mention that his remark 'Every problem will be solved after I became a CM'.  There is no need to talk about the opposition leader in his speech.  But still, he talked about Jagan.. this gives a feeling that Jana Sena chief is troubled by the response Jagan's Praja Sankalpa Yatra.  Jagan is showing solutions to the issues of the people who come to him during Pada Yatra.  He is explaining to them how they are going to handle those issues after gaining power.  

Pawan comes up with a theory that power is not required for solving the issues of common people.. but he keeps on asking the ruling government to solve the issues not any other.  In such a situation, there is no logic in Pawan's argument that power is not needed to solve people's issues.  Then why Pawan is talking like that?  Some people are saying  Pawan may be suffering from Jagan Phobia. There are two reasons for this.. 1. Jagan is getting tremendous response from the people during his Pada Yatra..  2.  Jagan's announcements on the welfare programmes he is going to take up once he comes to the power.