JC.. Why These Contradictory Statements?

Mon Apr 16 2018 17:02:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

JC Diwakar Reddy name needs no introduction.  He continued in the grand old Congress party until the last general elections.  He joined TDP just before the elections.  While he got Anantapur MP ticket for him, his brother Prabhakar Reddy has got Tadipatri assembly seat.  They won both the seats became strong leaders in the district.  Though their strategies worked in Congress party, they could not repeat the same scene in TDP.  Some people say that Diwakar Reddy was unable to take up road widening in Anantapur town as he planned.

Though he couldn't show his strength in Anantapur town, he couldn't even maintain his special identity as an MP.  Diwakar Reddy is known for criticising YCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy. He has attended TDP Coordination committee meeting in Amaravati today.  He made contradictory comments during the meeting.  He said that a few TDP MLAs are joining YCP soon.  JC said that there are attempts to strike an alliance between YCP and Jana Sena at the national level.   He commented that as soon as their alliance is materialised, a few TDP MLAs will join YCP.

When the reporters expressed their disbelief at his comments, he immediately contradicted his statement by saying that who will join in the YCP by leaving the ruling party.   He tried to cover up his comments by saying that there are attempts at the Delhi level to strike an alliance between Jagan and Pawan.. but it doesn't seem to materialise.   The reason is.. along with Jagan,  Pawan also wanted to become CM though he is saying that he is not after power.  That's the reason why the attempts are not yielding results.  

On the whole, JC Diwakar Reddy's contradictory statements within less span of time have confused the media persons who were present at the press meet.