JC's Open Challenge To CI Madhav

Fri Sep 21 2018 17:16:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kadiri CI Gorantla Madhav reacted seriously on JC Diwakar Reddy's comment comparing cops with hijras. He threatened to slash the tongue of the TDP MP if disrespectful remarks were made on the police department.

Anantapur MP reacted to the warning in this manner - 'Naluka Kostha Annav...Nuvvu Udyogam Vadili Ra...Nenu Rajakeeyalu Vadili Vastha...Thelchukundam. September 25th Taruvatha Nenu Bayataku Velthunna, Ee Lopu Ekkadiki Ravalo Cheppu Thadopedo Thelchukundam'.

JC alleged Police Department hadn't handled the clashes in Tadipatri responsibly. When 200 people have been attacked, Cops ran away like hijras instead of curtailing the violence. 'I haven't mentioned any names while making that comment. I had reacted in that manner as police had ran away. I'm willing to offer Padabhivandanam if anybody could prove I am wrong. CI Madhav twirls moustache like Hero Sai Kumar. This Cop had made rounds around Me several times in the past. I would complain to the higher officials against him,' he said.

The Parliamentarian demanded removal of Prabodhananada Swamy Ashram in Tadipatri. He admits visiting the Ashram once in the past but now compares Prabodhananda with Dera Baba.