JD Lakshminarayana to meet Narendra Modi soon?

Mon Oct 15 2018 17:52:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Though nothing seems to be visible on the ground, there are strong rumours that former CBI joint director and senior police officer Lakshminarayana, who is planning a political career, could meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A meeting, according to highly placed sources, could soon be arranged and this would become a perfect launch pad for his political career.

Lakshminarayana, who resigned from the police service, has toured the whole state of Andhra Pradesh and met farmers, rural artisans and others to understand the problems of the people. At the end of the long and arduous yatra, he has also released a village manifesto to highlight the problems of the people of the state.

Lakshminarayana has for long been trying to do something for the rural population. He has maintained close contacts with both the TDP, Jana Sena and the BJP. In fact, he has never hidden his liking for the RSS. He has attended several RSS programmes and has spoken from their forums. He, however, wanted a befitting entry into the BJP and not the normal wrapping around of the shawl by some local leader. So, some sources in the BJP have worked out an appointment with none other than Prime minister Narendra Modi. If this really happens, he will be the first politician in AP and Telangana to join the BJP in the presence of MOdi.