CBN - Does the Lands belong to your Mother-in-Law?

Tue Jan 10 2017 18:00:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Jaganmohan Reddy claims his father late YSR has offered 31 lakh acres of land to 23 lakh poor families during his regime. He now alleges Chandrababu Naidu is grabbing Dalit Lands as if they belong to his Mother-in-Law.

Speaking at Gajulapally in Kurnool as part of the Rythu Barosa Yatra, Jagan said 40 farmers had committed suicide in Kurnool as per official figures. He went on to say the district has been facing drought ever since Babu became CM. He accused TDP Government of neither offering input subsidy nor insurance to the farmers.

Jagan complains Rayalseema farmers were deprived of irrigation water and profitable prices for farmers. He alleges CBN is focusing on land acquisition rather than addressing the farmer issues during cabinet meetings. He says TDP Government ignored YSR's successful schemes such as Arogya Sri, 108 Service and Fee Reimbursement.

Yuva Neta says, 'YSR completed 95% work of the irrigation projects during his tenure. Whereas, Babu does 5% remaining work and claims as if he has done everything. Let's unite to pull him into Bay-of-Bengal'.