The Real Story Behind Odarpu Yatra

Thu Dec 07 2017 13:45:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Where is the need to talk about the Odarpu Yatra now? It is past but it is a big mistake if we ignore such a big political development because Telugu politics took a drastic turn with his Odarpu Yatra.  Jagan had to face many troubles by challenging the High Command and the existing trend of following the orders of Delhi in every aspect.

Jagan was so adamant that he has to stick to his word. For that reason, false cases were booked against him and he had to go to jail but he didn't step back. All these things are past then why are we talking about them now? AP Opposition Leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy is currently doing Pada Yatra and during his Yatra he gave an interview.  During the interview, he talked about the story behind Odarpu Yatra.

He said that "We went to the location where my father died in the helicopter accident.  It was not even 20 days after his death.  While we were returning back there was a discussion among us that many people committed suicides who were unable to digest his death.  The same thing was reeling in my mind.  There was condolence meet when we returned.  Thousands of people gathered there.  I took the mic when my turn came.  I told them that the people who were died and their families are like my families and they are my family members.  I will visit their homes and I will support them."

"I don't know why I said that. I was just emotional.  As I gave them my word in the place where my father died, I wanted to keep my word at any cost.  These people don't understand that. That has reached a stage where I was told that.. 'If you go to yatra we'll trouble you.  Forget about it and stay here. We'll give you central minister post.  We'll give you another.. we'll make you CM'.  They gave me several offers."

"But the end of the day.. whether they will come to me or not.. If I take them I will not have value and I lose my credibility.  After giving my word about visiting the families, My mother.. sister and I discussed it.  I told her one thing - Amma there are two ways. First one I've to leave my word. Then they will give me posts.  Second one is that we will stick to our word.. we will not get any posts. They may probably trouble us.  But will stick to our word. Because daddy has the credibility that he keeps his word at any cost.  Ultimately we'll die someday.  We'll leave back what people think about us after our death.  When I said that my mother, Sharmila, Bharathi supported me.  They told me that - you're correct. We should stick to our word.  We're sincere.  I wrote a letter to Sonia Gandhi garu and came out of the party."