Regional Parties Think YS Jagan Is Better Than Chandrababu

Thu Aug 23 2018 15:33:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

The parties that wanted an anti-BJP front are in a re-think mode about the possible role that Chandrababu could essay. They now feel that with his decision to align with the Congress Party at the AP level, he would be questioned on his intentions. His Maha Kutami will now be a non-starter.

In contrast, KCR had begun efforts aimed at forming a Federal Front and had already met Stalin, Mamtha Benarjee and Navin Patnaik.  He had voted for JDU nominee in the Raya Sabha polls. But, Chandrababu went with the Congress. So, the regional parties now appear to be wary of joining hands with the TDP, because they now feel that his attempts are aimed at getting more mileage for himself. Hence the parties now feel it is better to align with the YSRCP.

The parties that had aligned with him in the past feel that Chandrababu could be very mercurial and could sacrifice anyone for his own benefit. He had duped his co-brother Daggubati Venkateswara Rao, his brother in law Harikrishna and his son Junior NTR. Hence, more and more regional parties are now veering towards either Jagan or with KCR. Interestingly, even KCR seems to be favourably disposed towards YS Jagan.

So, expect a battle of wits between KCR and Chandrababu in the days to come.