This Is What Jagan Requested Modi

Thu Dec 07 2017 11:26:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

What is the relation between PM Narendra Modi and Opposition Leader of AP YS Jaganmohan Reddy?  Is BJP is showing interest in AP Opposition Party? Is there any possibility of an alliance between BJP and YSRCP? What is the truth in the claims of TDP leaders that Jagan is having a friendship with BJP?  What did Jagan request PM Modi during his meeting in Delhi? How did Modi react to Jagan's request?   YS Jaganmohan Reddy gave detailed answers to all these questions in a recent interview.

When he was asked "Is there any possibility to work with BJP?" he gave a direct answer.  He said that "If BJP grants Special Status to AP then I don't have any objection to work with BJP."  It is known that Jagan came out of Congress party and floated YSRCP. Then why didn't  he have an alliance with BJP at that time? Jagan said that there are various reasons for not having an alliance with BJP at that time.  

He reminded that either BJP or Congress don't have strength in AP.. and they have to depend on another party when they are going to elections.   Jagan revealed about his request to PM Narendra Modi during his last visit. He said that "Sir.. I have only one request.. kindly grant special status to AP. I told him that if they grant special status, I will work with them and his response was positive.  I have confidence that they will grant special status. If they grant we will work with them. If they don't.. there is no need to work with them."

When Jagan was asked about the reason behind rumours that Jagan is going to have an alliance with BJP, he answered that "Chandrababu directs his supportive media to campaign that Jagan will work with BJP.  One way he has an alliance with BJP but makes sure that news campaign will run in his favourable media that they will go with others."