'AP No.1 In Ease-Of-Doing-Corruption'

Thu Jul 19 2018 15:56:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

YS Jaganmohan Reddy opined TDP Government could only guarantee Ease-of-doing-Corruption while responding on the manner in which CM Chandrababu Naidu kept publicizing No.1 Rank for AP in Ease-of-doing-Business. 'Those who offered No.1 Rank might have lost their minds? Only Rs 3,200 crore out of Rs 6,800 crore incentives meant for Industries were sanctioned in the past four years by the TDP Government. Industries have been shutting down in every district. Still, This CM claims to have brought Rs 20 lakh crore investment and 40 lakh jobs. What can we say about those blatant lies?,' he questioned.

Opposition Leader alleged CM Chandrababu Naidu has been deceiving people with Baahubali Graphics instead of doing work at the ground level in Amaravati. He ridiculed Chief Minister for making tall claims during his recent visit to Singapore. 'Is Amaravati a Garden City? Could you believe that only electric vehicles have been used in the capital and there is no pollution at all? Not even a single brick was placed in the capital for any permanent building so far. Only the cattle eating grass can been seen in Amaravati,' he said.

YCP Chief promised, 'Our Government would fill 1.42 lakh jobs and issues APPSC, DSC Notifications regularly. Secretariat will be set up in every village. Pensions, Toilets and Ration Cards will be sanctioned within 72 hours. A New Act will be introduced to ensure Industries offer 75 percent of the jobs to locals'.