Jagan reveals how Corrupt King goes Nude!

Thu Mar 22 2018 15:03:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jagan addressed large gathering at the public meeting in Chilakaluripeta on 117th day of his Praja Sankalpa Yatra. 'Chandrababu Naidu is playing game on Special Category Status. Four years ago, He said Special Status is sanjeevani and it should be offered for 15 years. Special Status file was with Planning Commission for 7 months after he became CM. What has he done until then? In 2015, NITI Aayog replaced Planning Commission but Chandrababu hasn't bothered about it,' he alleged.

Yuva Neta claimed he gets reminded of a story if he thinks about the pro-TDP Media: 'Once upon a time, There used to be a Corrupt King who is known for blatant lies & cheating. He wished to have specially designed God's dress and passed info to handloom weavers. By then, People decided to teach him a lesson. 3 Months Later, They brought a huge box and told the King that corrupt can't see the clothes designed by them. Weavers acted as if they had really placed new clothes on his body by removing all that he wore until then. They heaped praises on the King saying the golden flower on the 'invisible' dress look great on him. Though the King could see nothing, He did pretend as if what they said is absolutely true. Thereafter, He conducted a rally on elephant by posing nudely. Then, A small kid shouted that that King was naked and that's how the truth has spread. In the story narrated by Me, The King happens to be Chandrababu and the People who praised the King are Today's yellow media. These papers and channels will keep praising Chandrababu even if he says Special Package or Special Status'.