Is Criticising Harish Is Passport For Entry Into TRS?

Tue Feb 05 2019 14:06:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

What's the best way to join the TRS these days? Simple... criticise Harish Rao. If you criticise Harish Rao, you would easily find favour with both KCR and KTR. So, firebrand Congress MLA Jagga Reddy, whose fire has extinguished completely and who is desperate to join the TRS at any cost, targeted Harish Rao the other day. He said he has nothing against both KCR and KTR and that he had an issue only with Harish Rao.

Jagga Reddy might have his own problems. He has to wriggle out of the fake passport case and needs KCR's support to do that. So, he is free to join the TRS. But, should he criticse Harish Rao for this. But just criticising Harish Rao would not help Jagga Reddy as KCR is not one to forget and forgive those who criticise him. But, the only consideration for KCR is to finish off the Congress from Telangana. So. he might take Jagga Reddy into the TRS and finish the Congress off in Medak district. But, he may not give Reddy any key position in the party even if he criticises Harish Rao. Also, Harish Rao is still important for the TRS and KCR is not foolish enough to frustrate his nephew.