Jana Sena Hits Back At AP Ministers

Thu Mar 22 2018 14:59:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jana Sena Spokespersons showed what they are capable of doing in the recent press meet. They didn't spare any of the Ministers who began making baseless allegations against Pawan Kalyan.

Addepalli Sridhar described Pawan Kalyan as a leader with clarity and conviction. He pointed out Jana Sena Chief has been complaining to CM about corruption since the past four years and he has spoken about it openly as no measures has been taken by the State Government. He accused Chandrababu Naidu of behaving like a chameleon for political gains.

Here is how Jana Sena Leader targeted Ministers….

Minister Narayana: Copy rights violation in the fee collection - Narayana Educational Institutions.

Minister Jawahar: Why Prohibition Committee wasn't formed so far?

Minister KE Krishnamurthy: KE's Son was accused in the murder of YCP's MLA Candidate.

Minister Ayyanna: First, Know what your Son has been doing!

Ex-Minister Prathipati Pulla Rao: His Family Members and Relatives are involved in AgriGold Scam.

Mr.Sridhar claimed Government consoled the victims and took measures only after Pawan Kalyan raised the issue of acute diarrhea in Guntur. He questioned TDP Leaders, 'Ministers say BJP is behind Pawan. Does that mean they believe Centre have proofs regarding the corruption of Nara Lokesh?'.

Lastly, Sridhar clarified Jana Sena is neither close nor far away to any party. He advised the Lawmakers to focus on the issues raised by Pawan Kalyan rather than indulging in mudslinging.