Jana Sena Land Issue: What's Going On?

Sun Dec 17 2017 10:27:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pawan Kalyan obtained 3.42 acres of land in Survey No. 182/1 in Chinakakani on lease from Communist leader Yarlagadda Subba Rao for establishing Jana Sena Office. After an official announcement was made, Sheikh Shafi's Family claimed ownership of the land and Muslim Aikya Vedika extended its support to them. Jana Sena Supremo offered to cancel the lease if the land is in dispute. But now, The issue took an unexpected turn.

Muslim Aikya Vedika President Jaleel Khan and Legal Advisor Goutham Reddy came down heavily on Pawan Kalyan over the construction of Jana Sena Party Office in a disputed land.

Jaleel Khan: 'Who are they to construct Party Office in our land (Survey No.180/1)? Holding a meeting there is another mistake. Your men kept saying since the past 15 days that they will discuss the issue with Pawan Kalyan. Is it fair to take our lands for lease and cheat us? Jana Sena must issue a paper statement saying office willn't be constructed in that land'.

Gowtham Reddy: 'We are requesting Pawan Kalyan not to hurt the sentiments of Muslims. Better if he constitutes a committee and conducts an inquiry to know about facts. Or else, He will end up facing the consequences'.

Whereas, Allagadda Venkateswara Rao and Jana Sena Leader Gadde Tirupathi Rao alleged controversy has been created unnecessarily with vested interests.

Allagadda Venkateswara Rao: 'Regarding the land in Survey No.182/1, There is no dispute at all. We neither received any court notice nor attended court hearing so far. You will know the character of Jaleel Khan if you check the records in Mangalagiri police station. There are land encroachment and kidnap cases against him'.

Gadde Tirupathi Rao: 'Land in Survey No. 182/1 is no way related to the cases mentioned by them. The disputed land is in Survey No. 233/B1and 233/C1. What is the need for bringing caste or religion in this matter? Let's talk about facts. It's been clearly mentioned in the records'.