JP's Take on Kancha Ilaiah's Controversial Book

Thu Oct 12 2017 13:02:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Jayaprakash Narayan is someone people look up to for a frank opinion on any issue because he left a mark of his own as an IAS Officer, Social Activist and Politician. What would be his take on the row over 'Samajika Smugglerlu Komatollu' book?

Lok Satta chief found fault with the controversial book penned by Dalit professor Kancha Ilaiah. He opined any writings hurting the sentiments of a caste or religion is condemnable.

JP expressed the view: 'The present situation is such that nobody thinks about good & bad when a controversy erupts. Instead, A division is formed among People depending on the caste they belong'.

Anyone who cares for the society doesn't differ with the opinion of Jayaprakash Narayan. When Kancha Ilaiah launched his controversial book, All those who opposed it have been branded as Anti-Dalits. This situation should change and at least intellectuals and social activists need to guide people in the right direction.