KCR Family Doesn't Leave Any Film....

Tue Sep 18 2018 19:28:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite being mired deep in politics, KCR family leaves no opportunity to attend film functions. In a way, the family has become a brand ambassador for Telugu films. KCR has always tried to be seen with the filmi people. The KCR family, which once derided the Telugu film industry as Seemandhra dominated, likes to rub shoulders with the film personalities. The industry too backs the first family of Telangana with gusto.

The relationship is symbiotic. The industry needs KCR family's backing to get things done. These filmi families are in the habit of doing bhajans for anyone in power. For KCR, closeness to industry gives them a grip on the all-important Hyderabad.

KCR family has taken this symbiosis to the next level. KTR these days has been promoting films like nobody's business. He had promoted Srimanthudu as it if was his own film. Now, even Kavitha is doing it. Kavitha promoted 'Geetha Govindam' and said she had lost count of the times she watched the film. The latest film she is promoting is Samantha's U Turn. Film-politics linkage is an old thing. But no one has ever taken the relation to the level that the KCR family has taken to.