We Are Doing What Babu Has Done: KCR

Wed Mar 14 2018 18:08:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telangana CM, TRS chief KCR has revealed his stand on the democratic protests.  It is known that many people criticising KCR that when he is protesting rules were different, if others do the same thing then rules will change.  Responding to this criticism, he said that he is doing what Chandrababu has done.  While speaking in the assembly he said that protests and agitations are banned on Tankbund.  He said that he will act tough on the protestors.

He said that TRS government is working in a democratic manner if anybody protests peacefully within limits they will surely allow the protests. He said that "We didn't bring these prohibition orders.  These orders were brought in Chandrababu regime.  We have allowed dharnas even though there are no permissions and the court said 'no'.  Protests should be carried out peacefully in democracy.  Did we stop bus yatras, foot marches?"  With this kind of statements he questioned Congress and JAC chairman

He added that "Bus yatras didn't get a response.  It's not right to take up dharnas, protests without permissions.  We allowed them to stage dharnas in Saroor Nagar.  What wrong if you stage a dharna in Saroor Nagar?"  He suggested them to stage dharnas and take up rallies in a peaceful manner.  He condemned the people who are criticising him that TRS government is not democratic.

On the other hand, KCR gave a clarity on Governor's speech.  He said that Governor speech in the assembly is 100% true.  He said "Opposition members made several comments on Governor speech.  What the honourable members should know is that.. Governor is not completely different from the government.  He has to read what government gives to him.  Cabinet should give green signal to the Governor speech.  Governor reads the facts.  Government's goals..  and achieved targets were mentioned in the Governor speech.  Some members are intentionally criticising everything.  This kind of incidents are causing pain to me.  It is not right for the members to talk without proper information."