KCR Busy Studying Survey Reports

Tue Jan 22 2019 11:09:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

TRS boss may be physically busy with the Sata Chandi Yagam, but his mind is fully focused on the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. As someone who realises the importance of sweeping the Lok Sabha polls to play a key role in the post-2019 election political scenario, KCR is getting surveys done on the sitting MPs. He wants to know the position of the candidates and give them suitable advice to turn the tide.

Sources say that KCR has already okayed two MP candidates from Mahabubnagar district. One is sitting MP AP Jithender Reddy and the second candidate is former minister P Ramulu. In Peddapalli, however, there is confusion over the candidate. While the buzz earlier was that Gaddam Vivek would be the MP candidate, latest reports say that KCR may notfield him because he and his brother Vinod have worked against the TRS in the just concluded elections. Similarly, Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy is also likely to be renominated from Khammam.

KCR is also said to be collecting data from various other sources, including the intel officials about the people's mood. KTR is also said to be involved in the decision making process. Already both KCR and KTR have given 'line clear' signal to some MP candidates so that they can concentrate on the campaigning part.