Does Friendship With MIM Make TRS A Secular Party?

Sat Sep 08 2018 09:45:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR knows how to weave magic with words. Not just that, he can silence any one raising tough questions with a wave of his hand and a word of derision.  More often, he is seen playing mindgames not just withhis political rivals, but also with the journalists.

On Wednesday, during his press meet, KCR repeatedly said that there is no question of joining hands with the BJP as it is 'communal.'  He said his party, the TRS, was a secular party. But, 'secular' KCR seems to have no qualms joining hands with MIM. If the BJP is communal, what is MIM? Also, the BJP leaders rarely talk religion in the public domain, while MIM speeches are loaded with communal talk and religious quotes.  How can he have friendship with an out-and-out communal MIM? He has time and again said that MIM is a friendly party for the TRS.

Given the kind of speeches that the MIM leaders make, how can KCR claim thay are secular? Yet, KCR is known to contradict himself on many things. This may well be one such glaring contradiction.